Online tools for hacking

Whois – IP Address – Domain Name Lookup –
AdHoc IP Tools
Ben’s Web Utilities
central OPS
dihe’s IP Index
Domain Tools
Global Whois Search
Multi DNS Lookup (
Network Solutions
Public DNS Servers List
CERT Station
CIDR Reports (ASN & BGP Info)
CodeFlux Tools (SSL lookups)
Command Line Reference Page
Country to IP Address Reference
Default Password List (another) (another) (another)
DiG Gateway
digitalpoint DNS Zone Xfer
Fixed Orbit (ASN & BGP Info)
GeekTools (Does DNS AXFR)
Graphical DNS Tools
HTML Status Codes (from RFC)
HTTP Viewer
Hunt IP
InfoSysSec Online Tools
Internet Topology Tools
MD5 Hash Reverse Engineering Site
Nerd Labs RevDNS Block Lookup (and other tools)
NetBIOS Name Table
Network-Tools (Does SSL lookups and chaos queries too)
Opus 1 (you can mod your UDP traces)
Open Proxies List
Relakks VPN Service
Root TLD Lookup
Sam Spade
Swiss VPN
T1 Shopper Online Port Scanner
Tiny URL (URL Decoder)
TrimWare Online Tools
User Agent Strings
Visual Route Server (big list of them!)
Web Based Network Tools
Web Probe
Web Sniffer
Well Known Ports (plus trojans!)
Windows Event Id’s

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