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Mantra – Open Source Security Framework

Mantra – Mantra is a collection of hacker tools, add ons and scripts based on firefox .

Firefox is an hacker friendly tool from starting , its rich assets are its addons they only work has an independent tools for hacking.

A group of security professionals integrated all this add ons, scripts and made a framework called mantra.
As of now Mantra is just a security toolkit rather than a full-fledged framework

Some of the features of Mantra

1. Its built on top of the browser – Saves lots of man power and learning curve.
2. It is Cross platform and flexible – It can easily run on Windows, Mac and Linux natively
3. Its open source, so you are free to use it or modify it your own way.

Mantra can be helpful to perform all five phases of attacks like reconnaissance, scanning and enumeration, gaining access, escalation of privileges, maintaining access and covering tracks.


The Mantra framework can be available in Linux and Windows

You will get the download of mantra framework from

**Studied from clubhack

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