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Online tools for Analysing Website

Everyone of us curious to know about the website information like site owner ,earnings etc…
In Ethical Hacking the Information Gathering is the first and basic step to perform.

Here I’m gonna list 4 awesome online tools to study a website thoroughly:

1. How to Find The  Hosting Provider of Any Website?

Before we start a website as a beginner we are very much confused in selecting the hosting provider,in such case we Start analyzing the hosting provider of well established websites. Here is a online tool to do that

Check out :

2. How To find The Owner Details Of Any Website

Every one of us are very eager to know the owner of a website (if there is No Author Info) ,Here is a simple tool to find It out

Check out :

3. How To Find The value / Earnings Of A website

This Information is provided by many sites ,But i list out the best one (Note: Reports generated by this site is an approximate estimated value )


4. How To Find The Loading Speed Of Any Website

Quick loading websites will results better In SERP ,So Its very important for bloggers to keep an eye on their site speed ,this service is also provided by many sites,but the outstanding one is provided by iwebtools


Bonus Tool :

How To Compare The Loading Speed Of Your Site With your Competitor’s Site ?

Chekot :

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