Team GrayHat Hacked

Official Forum of one of the most popular hackers group named Teamgreyhat get hacked. A hacker named Hunt has hacked into the TGH’s web-server and deface the index page. Also the hacker has claimed that he has breached all the data from that particular server. Since 2011 Teamgreyhat has became very popular form for hackers and also TGH is regarded as one of the most dangerous blackhat team as because if you dig the history you will find that TGH has rooted many web-servers and hacked millions of sites. Their last breach on Ankit Fadia’s server gave them more popularity. But this hack will surely make a negative impact of TGH’s reputation. The hacker also created deface mirror on the Arab-zone.

Teamgreyhat Reaction:-

                                       After this hack Teamgreyhat authority instantly released their statement. And in that they have clearly ignored the phenomena by saying Hunt (One Who Hacked The TGH Forum) belongs to TGH core team and he has full privilege on their server. In short he was maintaining that web-server. So a Admin can easily damage his own system. Also they have clearly stated that this is an internal attack. The hacker knew all the passwords and by which he logged into the system and changed the index page. To see the full press release of TGH click Here.

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