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Installing Google Chrome in Backtrack 5

Friends ,

Many asking how to install the Google chrome browser in the backtrack 5, today we will be seeing how to install that

Let us see the steps

1.In the root type as

apt-get install chromium-browser

2.change to chrome-browser directory

 cd /usr/lib/chromium-browser

3.Type the following command

 hexedit chromium-browser

4.You will be getting the hex-code ,

Here you have to search for geteuid and replace with getppid

press TAB and search (CTRL+S) for geteuid and change it to getppid and press CTRL+X ,

it will ask to save or not press ‘Y’ and close the terminal

and go to the Applications –> Internet –> Chromium Browser

and check whether the browser installed properly or not and enjoy the Backtrack.

4 Replies to “Installing Google Chrome in Backtrack 5

  1. dude finally in my first try i am able to install chromium in my backtrack 5 R2
    and really good explanation…:D

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