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Access DVWA from Backtrack


Today i will show you, How to access the DVWA(Damn Vulnerable Web Application) that is installed on the xp machine from the backtrack

1.First we require the XP machine and Backtrack machine in same network means

if the XP machine ip is

then backtrack should also be in the same network like

2.Install the XAMPP in the XP macine and start the services like Apache and Mysql

3. Download the DVWA(Damn Vulnerable Web Application) from  and paste in the c:/xampp/htdocs/

4. Now go to the dvwa folder and open the .htaccess file with notepad

5.Move to last and place a hash(#) before the “Deny from all”

and write “Allow from all in the next line”

6.Now go to the backtrack and in the browser type the ip of XP machine you can access the dvwa easily as from remote

Thank You.

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