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Hello Friends today we are seeing the popular web application scanner called Acunetix,

The Acunetix is one of the best web application scanners,

we are having a lot of other scanners like

IBM Appscan,


HPWeb Inspect



In this only the w3af is the opensource web application scanner that is freely available with the Backtrack 5

comming to the Acunetix here i am showing the Acunetix version 7 and how to install and use it

go and search the google for the Acunetix version 7 and crack

after that install the accunetix and crack

Now we will start scan a website and search for vulnerabilities

First go to New Scan ->

you will be getting this screen

The scan type you have to enter

we are having different scan types like

1.want to scan for single URL can the crawled results for scanning

3.Want to scan for more than one URL, then we have to give it in a file and provide it as input

now we are scanning a single URL

I am taking an URL

just click on next we can check our website is running or not

we will get the banner of the server like Server Operationg System and web server and language used to develop the website etc..

then the scanner asks for the crawling options see each and every option and check the box

Now when we click on next scan options will be there

we are having three types of scan options




The Quick scan will wont give much correct results

The Extensive will take a lot of time to scan

so we will go for the Heuristic scan

Then it will show the final screen and we will go for scanning

Then Scanning starts

Then Happy Scanning

In my next post i will show how to test for the vulnerabilities using the Accunetix

Good Bye

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