One Liner commands for windows

Here i will be mostly working with WMIC.

what is WMIC ?

Windows management instrumentation command. The wmic command to me is one of the more powerful commands on windows. You can do multiple tasks with one command

List of running processes in brief

wmic process list brief

kill a process

wmic process where name=”wordpad.exe” delete

Determine open shares

net share
wmic share list brief

Determine ip address


Get a new ip address

ipconfig /release
ipconfig /renew

Disk drive information

wmic diskdrive list full
wmic partition list full

List all patches

wmic qfe

List services

wmic service list brief

List user accounts

wmic useraccount list brief

List number of times a user logged on

wmic netlogin where (name like “%adm%”) get numberoflogons


shutdown /r /t 0


shutdown /s /t 0

Spawn a new command prompt

start cmd

Command line history


Determine the current user


Determine who is apart of the administrators group

net localgroup administrators

Add a user where rocky is the username and password is redhat

net user rocky redhat /add

Add user rocky to administrators group

net localgroup administrators rocky /add

List user accounts

net user

List network connections and the programs that make connection

netstat -an

Display contents of file text.txt

type text.txt

Edit contents of file text.txt

edit text.txt

Determine PC name


Determine whether a system is 32 or 64 bit

wmic cpu get DataWidth /format:list

Startup applications

wmic startup get caption,command

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