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Kioptrix: 2014 – Walkthrough

Hi Friends, Today I am going to solve Kioptrix VM from First I need to find IP address of Target Machine; I will be using netdiscover command from Linux Netdiscover -r – Kali Linux (Attacker) – Kioptrix VM (Vulnerable Machine) Now I will perform port scan on Target Machine by using […]

CTF Challenges Security

Quaoar VM – Walkthrough

Hi Friends, Today we are solving the Quaoar VM from, This VM is for beginners – Quaoar VM (Target Machine) – Kali Linux (Attacker Machine) The first thing we have to do is information gathering, i will be using nmap and nikto tools i run nmap scan on the target host Found […]

CTF Challenges Hacking Security

Droopy v0.2 VM Walkthorugh

Hi Friends, Today I am going to start Capture the Flag Series. The Vulnerable Machine I am starting with is Droopy v0.2, that is available in vulnhub Here. I will start with discovering the IP of vulnerable machine, using netdiscover Information Gathering: netdiscover -r I founded that VM is running on IP Port […]